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Drone packages for farmers and ranchers.
Designed by farmers and ranchers.

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From the air.

Drones can make your operation more efficient, at a reasonable price.

You can save significant time and gain valuable insights by using drone technology, at a relatively low cost.

Barger Drone is a Nebraska-based company with staff who are knowledgeable about livestock and crop production. Learn more about how we can help you maximize your time and resources.

Barger Drone offers:

  • Drone Packages Designed Specifically for Ranchers
  • Automated Drone Flight Software
  • Rugged Cellular Camera Packages
These packages are not available on Amazon, Ebay or regular retailers.  These packages are tested and work in the field.  Technology to save you time and give you additional data.

Check on your herd.

Your time is valuable – find out how drones can increase your efficiency.

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Barger Drone takes the time to educate you on the technology to be sure your are confident in how to implement drones into your work.

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Our drones can fly for over 25 minutes, at speeds up to 40 miles per hour, with a range of over two miles. Check out the unique advantages of our drone packages.

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