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Barger Drone Cellular Camera2018-08-06T11:38:47-05:00

See Pictures of Your Water Tank on Your Cellphone through our Rugged Cellular Camera

Our cellular camera package includes:

  • Rugged Spypoint Cellular Camera
  • Locking Steel Case
  • Steel Aiming Bracket and Rechargeable Battery Pack

Worried about your data?

Up to 100 pictures per month for no additional cost with most data plans.

Poor cell service?

No problem, try our high-gain antenna. You’ll be impressed.

Cattle App Creates Automated Flights for Phantom 4

  • Cattle App-Automated Flights for Phantom 4
  • Drone automatically flies to tanks and takes photos
  • After visiting tanks, drone lands at takeoff point. Automatically.
  • View pictures drone automatically took