Sandhills Cattlemen’s Association Convention – Drone Demonstrations

Sandhills Cattlemen's Association Convention - Drone Demonstrations September 22, 2020 Thedford, Nebraska – Thomas County Fairgrounds DOWNLOAD CONVENTION PACKET Sandhills Cattlemen’s Association represents the ranchers and feeders of Nebraska’s Sandhills, one of the largest areas of high-quality grazing lands in the United States. The 81 st Annual Convention [...]

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Semi-Automated Cattle Drones

Next Step in Cattle Management These drones do most of the work automatically.  After you launch, the pictures and video show up on your phone. Beta testers are needed for brand-new models of drones.  These drones offer: Semi-automated flights - instant data on your herd  Reports on your cell phone showing: Sick or Calving Animals Cattle [...]

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Drones – Calving Season and Automated Drone Flights

Checking Cattle During Calving Season Drones work well during calving season.  A rancher can scan an entire field from 200 feet in the air, and then fly to isolated cows to check their status.  At speeds of up to 35 mph, a rancher can scan an entire quarter section in under 5 minutes.  Quickly [...]

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Cattle Conventions & Daylight Viewable Tablets

Drones - Cattlemen Conventions, Daylight Readable Tablets and New Ranch-Specific Software Drones are being shown to cattle producers at various trade shows.  This included the Nebraska Cattlemens Convention in Kearney, Nebraska, in early December, 2017.  Be sure to see our booth the Missouri Cattlemens Convention in Columbia, Missouri on January 5th and 6th, 2018. [...]

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Drone Uses for Cattle Ranchers

Why would I want to spend several thousand on a drone, when I can do the same thing with my pickup or four wheeler? The answer is: With a drone, you can do many tasks much faster, and see more. Finding a sick critter faster may save it. Saving time is worth something. Video [...]

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