Association Annual Conventions

Kansas Livestock Association Annual Convention – November 28 and 29, 2018. Wichita, Kansas.

Nebraska Cattlemen’s Annual Convention – December 4, 2018 through December 6, 2018.  Kearney, Nebraska.

Missouri Cattlemen’s Annual Convention – January 4, 2019 through January 5, 2019.  Columbia, Missouri

Barger Drone was on a technology panel at the Nebraska Cattlemen’s College on December 4, 2018.  Other technology vendors and Barger Drone will be giving demonstrations at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds. See more info on the upcoming convention on 10/11 News Pure Nebraska, featuring Allflex Sensetime and Barger Drone.

Semi-Autonomous Drones

Next Step in Drone Technology  – Automated Drones.

Barger Drone will be displaying a Swiss semi-autonomous drone at the Missouri Cattlemen’s convention.

After being launched from its weather-proof enclosure, the drone would fly itself.  Finding the cattle.  Counting them.  Giving you a overview of the entire pasture, field or feedyard via video.

Reports would show up on your cell phone after each flight.  Find out:

-Cows having trouble calving     -Cattle isolated and “drooping”

-Empty water tanks – windmill working?     -Feed bunks empty.

-Cattle counts – is there a break in the fence?  -Is the bull still in?

Review the video and photos stored on the internet after each flight, to see the problems firsthand.

Time.  The one thing you cannot get back.

Save labor and pickup trucks by having a drone do the work.  A few saved calves more than pays the lease fees for an automated drone.

Have a FAA Part 107 License?  Interested in getting one?   Contact us about beta-testing these 21st Century units.