Drones – Cattlemen Conventions, Daylight Readable Tablets and New Ranch-Specific Software

Drones are being shown to cattle producers at various trade shows.  This included the Nebraska Cattlemens Convention in Kearney, Nebraska, in early December, 2017.  Be sure to see our booth the Missouri Cattlemens Convention in Columbia, Missouri on January 5th and 6th, 2018.

Barger Drone has tested numerous cellular telephones and tablets on its DJI drones.  Glare from sunlight is a significant problem when flying.  Flying is most productive when it is a sunny day.  But most tablets and all cell phones have reflective screens, making them virtually unusable in direct sunlight.

Tablets which are specifically designed for use in direct sunlight are the best option to get the most from your drone.  Screen shades, sitting in the pickup, or under a tree, are all options.  But those options have their own problems.   We offer three Android-based tablets which help overcome this readability issue:

  • Pac Sun T71 Rugged Tablet.  This 7″ industrial tablet is designed to be seen outdoors, and will withstand abuse.
  • Samsung Tab Active.  This 8″ semi-rugged tablet is designed around Samsung’s Tab 8, but with a daylight-readable screen.  It is very user friendly.
  • DJI Crystal Sky Tablet.  DJI designed this very bright 7.8″ tablet for flying its drones.  Not cheap, but it is the best screen we have seen.

What’s Next?

Barger Drone is testing software for automated flight software.  This software will allow you to automatically fly out and view windmills, bunks and other distant spots you need to check repeatedly.  Kansas State University is doing significant work to increase the usefulness of drones for cattle producers.   They are using thermal cameras to help producers manage multiple aspects of their herds, as this Ag Update article shows.

Drones are a perfect fit for many ranches.  And we are just getting started.

Daylight Readable Tablets