Barger Drone Phantom 4 herding cows

DJI drones can herd cattle or other livestock. Once launched, you can be herding animals with Barger Drone’s proprietary siren.  After

livestock get used to the drone, the siren helps motivate them to start moving. Depending upon the size of the herd, you may be able to move the entire group to their destination. Drone battery life is the primary limitation. The drone is really useful getting livestock moving from a far corner of a pasture to join the main group, or moving a small number over rough ground.

Finding and returning cattle which are in standing crops works well with a drone.  No smashing standing corn or getting stuck in a muddy field, getting those few “breachie” head back in.

The exclusive Barger Drone siren is not something you will find on the internet.  It is made for herding livestock.


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